Crisis Residential Program (CRP)

Leslie Springer, Interim Director of Residential Services

Sacramento County

Our doors never close. We remain committed to unveiling hope, restoring honor, and fostering the values of self-determination and recovery in the lives of the adult individuals experiencing psychiatric challenges.
— Crisis Residential Program staff member

Crisis Residential Program (CRP) provides short term treatment for adults who have become suicidal, critically depressed, or otherwise psychiatrically incapacitated.

Services provided at this home avert the need for hospitalization with:

  • peer support
  • program flexibility
  • mutual trust
  • working together

Whenever possible, those with lived experience of recovery from mental health issues are hired so they can assist through sharing their own experiences, strength, and hope. Adults 18-59 are primarily referred through the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center or Regional Support Teams.

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Clients are referred through the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center, outpatient psychiatric services mental health clinics, Regional Support Teams and through partnerships with Emergency Rooms at UC Davis and Sutter hospitals.

Sacramento Program

Phone: (916) 737-9202

Rio Linda Program

Phone:(916) 287-4067

In 2013-14, Crisis Residential Program served 175 individuals.

  • Overall satisfaction rate was 90%.
This program saved my life. I did not know that a program like this existed for persons in crisis. The staff provided me with the hope and support to want to live again, to learn how to live again. I now have a roof over my head, visits with my children and grandchildren, and I am looking forward to starting school in the fall.
— Recent CRP Graduate