What is Turning Point?

Turning Point Community Programs (TPCP) began in 1976 with the unique vision to offer caring, hope, respect, and support on the path to recovery and mental health.

Everyone has a path to mental health. Let us help you find yours.


Established in Sacramento by founder Sheila Boltz, our original non-profit residential program, Midtown Manor, served approximately 40 individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

In the decades since, TPCP has grown to serve several counties across Northern California, using best practices in mental health treatment and even pioneering hiring those in recovery from mental illness to mentor others.

Today, with the dedication and passion of our staff, we are able to transform the lives of more than 17,000 individuals (and growing) every year.

While our organization has grown, our mission has always remained the same.

Photo of a woman handing brochures to another person in front of a recption window, under a banner with the Turning Point Community Programs logo on it.

Our Mission

We are committed to empowering people of all ages and identities to live their best life through the delivery of quality behavioral health and social services.

Photo of group of employees sitting in office talking happily as a smiling woman enters the room to join them.

Our Vision

We strive to set the standard for individualized care that provides hope for recovery.

Our Core Values

  • Relationships

    All healing takes place in the context of relationships. A healing relationship is respectful, trauma-informed, values the expressed wishes and goals of the individual being served, and moves at a pace necessary to maintain engagement. We believe it is a privilege to serve those in need and this concept informs all our interactions.

  • Resilience

    Everyone has strengths, talents, and other resilience factors that have helped them to overcome obstacles. Serving others through their strengths rather than focusing on deficits engender the most successful outcomes. We actively seek out the strengths and resilience factors of the individuals we are privileged to serve and build on those throughout treatment.

  • Recovery

    Recovery is possible for everyone we serve. We hold that hope of recovery for those in need when it may be difficult for them to grasp. We recognize that resuming life roles that have been lost (family relationships, employment, etc.) are necessary aspects of the recovery process rather than an endpoint in treatment.

Annual Reports

Take a look at our annual reports to learn more about how Turning Point is providing real change for individuals across Northern California.

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Executive & Senior Leadership

Al Rowlett


Chief Executive Officer

Al was named Turning Point Community Programs (TPCP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2016, following his role as Chief Operations Officer (COO). Beginning as a Rehabilitation Counselor, Al has been with the agency since 1981 and today provides leadership and guidance to over 40 programs in several Northern California counties. He holds a Bachelor of Art (BA) degree from Ottawa University (OU), a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Health Services Management from Golden Gate University (GGU), a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Al was appointed as a trustee to the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) Board of Education in 2009 and in 2010 he was re-elected serving through 2012. In 2013, California Assembly Speaker John A. Perez appointed Al to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Board. He was named Vice President and a Commissioner for the U.S. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA) and served until 2014 and was elected to the Board of Director in 2016. He was Board Chair of the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions (CIBHS) and an Executive Board Member for the Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC) which included working with Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna on reducing infant and childhood morbidity for African Americans. In 2018, Al was appointed to the Board of Directors of the California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies (CBHA). He is currently a Volunteer Clinical Professor at the University of California Davis (UC Davis) Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences directing the Community Psychiatry seminar for residents and formerly served as an adjunct professor for the CSUS MSW programs for the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) cohort.

Diana White


Chief Operations Officer

Diana White

Diana has a PhD in Infant and Early Childhood Development and a master’s degree in Psychology. She is as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). She has worked in the mental health field for over 30 years with a wide variety of populations including children aged 0-5, youth, Transition-Aged Youth (TAY), and adults both in the mental health system and systems serving those with developmental disabilities. Dr. White began working at TPCP as a case manager providing wrap around support for adults with both intellectual disabilities and a mental health diagnosis and then served as a case manager and therapist in Turning Point’s Northgate Point outpatient clinic. From there Diana served as a Clinical Director for the 34th St. Crisis Residential Program and she was a part of the team that began Turning Point’s children’s services in Sacramento County, also serving as the Clinical Director. She then became the Program Director and then Director of Children’s services for both Sacramento and Yolo County. Prior to becoming COO, Diana served as Regional Director for Sacramento and Yolo County children’s and adult services as well as Regional Center contracts.

During Dr. White’s tenure with the agency she on-boarded several best practices including Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), 0-5 specialty services in the Children’s programs and a free developmental screening program for children in the Sacramento County region. Dr. White completed the Sierra Health Leadership program in 2008. She was past president of the Infant Development Association (IDA), River City Chapter, and currently serves as President of the Association of Behavioral Health Contractors (ABHC) in Sacramento County.

Deborah Starkey


Chief Financial Officer

Vivian Taylor


Chief of Department of People Operations / Registered In-House Counsel

Stuart Marshall

Chief of Information Technology

Jennifer Wellenstein


Deputy Chief Operations Officer (COO) & Placer County Programs

Board of Directors

Dave Fukui

Senior Program Manager, ICS Inc.

Board Chair

Dave Fukui is a lifelong resident of Sacramento.  His engineering background has led to work in electronics design, system design and implementation as well as construction and consulting.  He currently works for Innovative Construction Services providing program & construction management services to local school districts and park districts.  He has had been a member of Turning Point Community Programs Board of Directors since 1996 which has allowed him to see substantial growth in Turning Point as well as progress in the organization’s mission.
Dave currently serves as Board Chair of the Turning Point Board of Directors.

Carol Ann Frezza

Retired, RN, BSN, MPA/HSA

Vice Chair

Carol Ann has been a member of the Turning Point family for 31 years.  Her career as a Registered Nurse began in 1956 when she received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Syracuse University and then moved to California to obtain her Matter’s in Health Administration from the University of San Francisco.  Carol Ann’s career has varied with medical-surgical, ICU, public health, and home health experience with a focus on administration.  At Turning Point Community Programs, she served as the Program Director for Northgate Point, the agency’s first Regional Support Team, and later transitioned to become the first Director of Nursing. 
After retirement at age 70, Carol Ann returned to a board position and currently serves as Vice Chair for Turning Point Community Programs.

Susan Stieber

Retired LCSW


Susan Steiber

Susan Stieber is currently a Managing Partner of Wax Center Partners with 37 centers in fours states. Susan has been married to Larry for over 50 years. They have three children and six grandchildren who live close by. Susan has been a franchisee with European Wax Center since 2009 when she and Larry started building and acquiring EWCs in northern California. Susan was previously employed by Turning Point Community Programs for 15 years and left the position of Director of Adult Mental Health Programs in 2010. Susan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker but is currently retired from the field.

Colleen Peschel



Colleen Peschel

Colleen attended California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communications in 1998 and a master’s degree in Business in 2016. She also holds a Senior Professional in Human Resource certificate since 2007. She joined Sutter in 1998 as Human Resource Technician at Sutter Center for Psychiatry. Throughout her tenure, she has been highly instrumental in developing the Regional Human Resource Service Center and standardizing policy and procedures across the region. She was promoted to HR Director in 2012, and Vice President in 2015, which included responsibility over an additional hospital, Sutter Solano Medical Center. She is also a member of Sacramento Area Human Resources Association where she volunteers in the mentor program.

Dawn Hayes


MedCare Medical Group

Dawn earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences in 1981 from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and an M.D. from the University of Michigan in 1986. Her Surgical Internship was completed at St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1986 to 1987. She practices Occupational and Urgent Care medicine in Sacramento.

Patty Blum


Executive Vice President, Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc.

Patty obtained a BA in Psychology and Art from Mary Washington College in 1979, an MA in Art Therapy from CSUS in 1982, and a PhD in Psychology from the Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center in 2007. Patricia is Vice President at Crestwood Behavioral Health and oversees all Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredited facilities. She is a founding member of CIBHS’ Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative.

Tony DiGaetano


Retired Management Team Member of UPS

From 1974 to 1984, Tony served as a law enforcement officer in Nevada and California. He carried various management positions for some twenty-eight years with United Parcel Service. He currently serves on two separate boards of directors – TPCP, where he has served since 2004, Casa Loma College of Anaheim, CA, where he has served since 2010 and, from 1998 – 2002 as President of the board of the El Dorado Hills Community Service District. Tony holds professorships at Brandman University (on-ground) in Folsom and Roseville, California; the University of Phoenix (both online and on-ground teaching) and is the lead area chair for the School of Business at the University of Phoenix of Sacramento. He also serves as a professor (online studies) for Ashford University of San Diego, CA. He holds an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement, a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Management and a Masters’ Degree in Organizational Management/Development.

Peter Yellowlees


Professor of Psychiatry at UC Davis

Peter is a British-born American physician, researcher, academic and administrator. He is Chief Wellness Officer at UC Davis Health and Professor of General Psychiatry at University of California, Davis. He is also the Vice Chair for Faculty Development in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UC Davis. He holds the Alan Stoudemire Endowed Chair in Psychiatry and is the Director of Physician Health Program at UC Davis Psychiatry. He chairs the UCDH Wellbeing Committee.

Daniel Hahn

Retired Police Chief of Sacramento

Noemi Esparza, Esq.

Partner with Dreyer, Babich, Buccola, Wood, Campora, LLP

Regional Directors

Derrick Bane

Deputy Director of Program Services, Sacramento County Crisis Services

Derrick Bane

Alexis Bernard


Regional Director, Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties

Alexis has master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Organizational Leadership and Development.  She has worked in the mental health field, specializing in homeless services, for 21 years.  She first began working at TPCP in 2000 and in 2017 accepted the position of Housing Director responsible for supporting all TPCP programs with a housing component. In 2019, Alexis assumed Regional Director responsibilities for implementing two new programs in San Joaquin County and developing the budding relationship with San Joaquin County and TPCP’s partner agency, El Concilio. At the end of 2019, the Pathways program was also added into Alexis’ region.

Vong Chong

Deputy Director of Program Services, Stanislaus and Merced County

Marcia Gump, LMFT

Regional Director of Sacramento and Yolo County Children’s Services

Kendra Matott


Regional Director, Stanislaus and Merced County

Susan Miner

Regional Director, Alta CA and Far Northern Transitional Support Services

Sadie Shen, LMFT

Regional Director, Sacramento County Adult Outpatient Programs

Jennifer Vallin

Regional Director, Placer & Nevada County Adult Services

Leslie Springer


Regional Director, Sacramento County Crisis Services

Carol Stanchfield


Regional Director, AACT, Director of AACT and AOT Program Services

Carol has a Master of Science degree from the University of Portland and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT). Since joining Turning Point in 1999, Carol has provided intensive supports and services on behalf of children, families and adults across the lifespan. In 2007 she directed the implementation of Adult Assertive Community Treatment (AACT) in rural Nevada County. In 2008, in collaboration with Nevada County Behavioral Health and Nevada County Courts, Carol participated in the development and implementation of the first Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) program in California. Also known as Laura’s Law or AB 1421, AOT provides community-based, court ordered treatment on behalf of individuals with untreated severe psychiatric disorders who would not otherwise access mental health services. She has provided advocacy and expert testimony on behalf of those served through the AOT court process.

Gabrielle Philippe-Auguste

Regional Director, North Bay Transitional Support Services

Jana Cooper

Deputy Regional Director, START

Health Information

Toi Gray

Health Information/Privacy Officer, Information Technology

Toi Gray

My name is Toi Gray and I am the Privacy Officer for Turning Point Community Programs (TPCP).

I am your contact if you need access to or have questions regarding your protected health information (PHI). I will make sure we maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your PHI.

Have a concern or question with a service you received? Start with me. I will make sure your concerns are shared with the appropriate individuals so that they can quickly be addressed.

How to contact me:
916-840-1661 (Direct Line)