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Nevada Providence Center


PROVIDENCE CENTER ADULT ASSERTIVE COMMUNITY TREATMENT (AACT) program provides intensive outpatient-based services to adults (18+) living with severe and persistent mental illness. Services and supports are person centered, individualized, and strength based. Services allow individuals to remain living independently in the community. 

PROVIDENCE CENTER ASSISTED OUTPATIENT TREATMENT (AOT) provides intensive, community-based services specialized in integrative care. The AOT program is guided by strict criteria outlined in AB 1421 Section 2 5436 (a). This program is designed for individuals who would not otherwise seek mental health treatment on their own and are at risk of requiring high level of care.

CATHERINE LANE HOUSEis a 6-bed home that provides independent supported housing services to adults (18+) living with a mental illness.

PROPOSITION 47 provides a behavioral health specialist who is integrated within the Nevada County Public Defender’s Office. This position supports adults (18+) with mental illness who are being served by the Nevada County Public Defender’s Office in connecting to resources and the appropriate specialty courts to improve their quality of life and reduce recidivism.

HOSPITALITY HOUSE features a behavioral health specialist imbedded in the Hospitality House homeless shelter to provide case management supports, psychosocial rehabilitation, and connection with mental health treatment. The goal is to link individuals with community resources to improve the quality of their lives and reduce homelessness. NEVADA COUNTY MHSA INNOVATIONS and PEER SUPPORT HOME TEAMwork collaboratively with Nevada County Behavioral Health to provide outreach and engagement to adults (18+) with mental health and housing needs. Services include connecting individuals to community resources to reduce homelessness and improve quality of life.



Nevada Providence Center

Phone: (530) 273-5440
Fax: (530) 273-5479

Program Services

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation.
  • Case management.
  • Therapy.
  • Psychiatric services.
  • Justice system support.
  • Outreach and engagement.
  • Housing support.

How to get involved

Contact Nevada County Behavioral Health:
(530) 265-1437.

Funding information

Funded by Nevada County Behavioral Health Services; Voter-approved Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act (MHSA); Proposition 47; SAMHSA; CMHC Grant.

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