Sacramento Systemic Therapeutic Assessment Resource and Treatment (START)


SYSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC ASSESSMENT RESOURCE AND TREATMENT (START) provides prevention and intervention services to people with intellectual and / or developmental disabilities and complex behavioral health needs through crisis planning and response, education, consultation, and coaching. Services are available for people ages 6+ who have a documented developmental disability, co-occurring behavioral health needs, and who have previously been made eligible for regional center services through CA-Alta. The goal is to support individuals to remain in the least restrictive environment and enhance the community’s ability to meet their needs.


Sacramento Systemic Therapeutic Assessment Resource and Treatment (START)

Phone: (916) 368-5948
Fax: (916) 368-5949
Address: 5417 Madison Ave. Sacramento, CA 95841

Services Provided

  • Community partnerships
  • Cross Systems Crisis Plan development*
  • Crisis response*
  • START Therapeutic Coaching (STC)*
  • Consultation and education

Referral Info

Please speak to your Regional Center Service Coordinator for more information about how to be referred to CA START:
Alta California Regional Center
Specialized Services and Support Unit
2241 Harvard Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 978-6282
Fax: (916) 486-7338

Funding Information

Program funded by the Alta California Regional Center.

Text: Alta California Regional Center