CEO Statement on Recent Events

With recent events in our Nation, over the last two weeks people throughout the world are confronting the inequality and systemic racism that has plagued Black/African American communities for decades. Peaceful protesters across the state of California are demanding change and insisting entities such as law enforcement be held accountable for discriminatory treatment.

Turning Point Community Programs (TPCP) grieves the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery – only the latest in a long history of unjust killings of people of color. Additionally, we are fully aware there are many perspectives on the peaceful demonstrations and the destruction that has ensued. While never condoning violence, we acknowledge that systemic racism is in-part the cause of the longstanding pain and anger being expressed.

TPCP believes everyone has a path to mental health which implies the absence of hate, discrimination, racism, prejudice, misogyny, homophobia, ageism and bias of any type. As a Black/African American Chief Executive Officer of an organization whose service is inclusive of every individual, I will continue to strive for the advancement of justice in our Nation, State, and community.

During this time of civil unrest, our mission at TPCP remains unchanged – that is,
empowering people of all ages and identities to live their best life through the delivery of quality behavioral health and social services. We pledge to continue doing whatever-it takes to ensure this is the standard we set for ourselves, our allies and the individuals we are privileged to serve.

Chief Executive Officer

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