2020-2021 Annual Report

“In 2021, working together, we were able to sustain and strengthen partnerships and services in virtually every region. As the individuals that received services flourished, board members, colleagues, and communities benefited. I remain confident that Turning Point Community Programs (TPCP) will continue to be a ‘Bridge to Hope,’ such that everyone that engages the organization experiences a change in the trajectory of their lives for the better. Although the past year tested TPCP in unimaginable ways, we continued to produce outcomes that benefitted individuals served, communities, and each other. By way of an unwavering commitment to therapeutic and professional relationships, recovery, and resilience, our work was redefined by developing and adopting a Career, Compensation and Succession Plan (CCSP). The CCSP, across all measures, resulted in improved communication and greater transparency throughout the organization.

Most impressively, improvements shaped within the organization, given an ever-changing and highly unpredictable external operating environment, resulted in the recognition of TPCP as an exemplary behavioral health service provider. One example includes being asked to serve as a member of the California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM), Population Health Management Committee; their long-term goal is a more equitable, coordinated, and person-centered approach to maximizing the health and life trajectory of the individuals TPCP serves. Another example was being selected by Governor Gavin Newsom as a Commissioner on the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission to drive transformational change across the state’s mental health system.

On the other hand, the pandemic continued to affect nearly every aspect of TPCP’s business in 2021. In a variety of ways, we were able to leverage what we learned and develop new ways of adapting to support our colleagues and the individuals receiving service.

The importance of collaboration between ‘program service sites and the department of people operations’ was magnified during the year as the prolonged pandemic caused everyone to reexamine their priorities. In many cases, several colleagues decided to retire or change jobs, highlighting the importance of expanding options for compensation and work-life balance.

Given the tremendous state investment in mental health services and the competition for talent, it has become more important than ever to appreciate the needs of the workforce. Beyond providing a meaningful job, it is crucial to emphasize work-life balance, career advancement and the continued development of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. TPCP will always inspire hope, which is the best approach towards attracting and retaining talented colleagues who can execute one of our most important strategic objectives: delivering cost-effective and integrated behavioral healthcare to every individual we are privileged serve.

Lastly, I believe TPCP will continue to be a confluence of hope for every stakeholder. For the individuals we are privileged to serve, their desire remains ‘being able to see that there is light in spite of all the darkness.’ With colleagues, despite the concerns, there is a steadfast belief and commitment to a brighter future. Fulfilling promises and monitoring TPCP’s ability to live up to them, while improving strategies that are predicated on trust, understanding that there are uncertainties and that expectations will keep changing. Remaining hopeful is an imperative. Success during this unprecedented period was and will continue to be a result of investing in relationships that strengthen communities and individual self-esteem, redefining purpose when indicated, and promoting optimism amongst colleagues.

Humbly Submitted with Respect and Admiration”

Chief Executive Officer

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