TPCP Awarded New Program in 2022


We are very excited to announce that we have been awarded a new Outpatient program in Sacramento County. Our RST program was a part of the outpatient system that went out to bid. The RST program began about 20 years ago. With growing needs and stagnant budgets, it became incredibly difficult (nay impossible) to keep up with the requirements of the program that seemed to increase each year.

The new programs (2 sites) will be better funded, decrease caseloads sizes, and include an attached peer run wellness center. The program will be able to provide enhanced services for the individuals we are privileged to serve and additional opportunities for our talented colleagues.

A special thank you to Regional Director Sadie Shen, Program Director Eric Llorente, Nurse Practitioner Yacharter Yang, and Housing Specialist Manuel Lomeli who participated in the presentation panel, they were amazing! An additional thank you to all the individuals who supported the writing of the proposal. It truly takes a village.

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