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THERAPEUTIC BEHAVIORAL SERVICES (TBS) is a short term intensive program designed to reduce challenging behaviors that are placing a youth at risk of psychiatric hospitalizations or group home placement, or services may support the youth stepping down from group home placement to ensure success in the home environment. The goal of TBS is to reduce challenging behaviors while emphasizing the youth’s and family’s strengths and abilities. Services are provided at the time and place the behaviors occur, and when the youth and caregivers will most benefit. Services are provided in a manner that is complimentary to the cultural and linguistic needs for the youth and family. Each behavior plan is specific to the needs of the youth and family and will be taught in a way that can be continued after services end.

Eligible individuals must be Full Scope Medi-Cal children or youth up to age 21 and currently receiving Medi-Cal outpatient (mental health) services. Individual must also be living in/being considered for/or stepping down from a Level 12-14 group home/Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) or has been assessed in a hospital for psychiatric needs in the past 6 months or has been in a psychiatric hospital in the last 24 months. For referrals, call the Sacramento County Access team at (916) 875-9980.

This program is funded by the Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services

"By the time families get to our service, they have already done so much and are very frustrated. What we try to do is create a plan for the family that they can implement successfully and allows them to see quick improvement and create lasting change."

  • Behavioral analyses, individualized treatment planning, caregiver coaching
  • In-home, school and community support, skill building
  • Direct interventions, support outside normal business hours