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Phone: (530) 351-7975

Address: 3120 Freeboard Dr. Ste 102
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS), Community Based Services (CBS), and Bridges are intensive community-based services. The treatment teams provide services when and where families are able to meet and feel most comfortable. They are all outpatient programs designed for youth with Medi-Cal up to age 21 with serious emotional problems.

TBS is an intensive, one to one, short-term outpatient mental health treatment service for youth who are engaging in behaviors that endanger their safety, or place them at risk for moving to a higher level of care in a group home or locked facility. TBS services include: functional behavioral analyses, plan development, and direct interventions with the child and parents/caregivers around the specific targeted behaviors that are placing the youth at risk. The behavior plans are individualized to meet the unique needs of the child in their home, school and community environments.

CBS are designed for youth under age 21 who are Medi-Cal beneficiaries. The primary focus of CBS is to improve youths functioning in all life domains, such as school, social environment, transition to adulthood and family relationships. Intensity and frequency of services are guided by the Child Family Team and are flexible to meet the evolving needs of the family. Services are available in home, school, office and the community during the time convenient for the family.

Bridges is an intensive program designed for children and their caregivers with the goal of providing wrap-around support to the family to help the children to meet their mental health goals. Through the CFT meetings, needs and services are identified and a plan is created to meet the family’s identified requests. The CFT is the primary tool utilized to ensure family voice in treatment planning as well as ongoing regular monitoring of treatment progress and engagement of natural supports in the community. Services to meet the family’s goals may include: case management activities, individual/group/family therapy, rehabilitation supports as well as resource linkage and advocacy. A family advocate is available to address any concerns parents might have regarding services and to provide additional support that might be needed, from paraprofessional support to resource linkage. The advocate facilitates monthly parent support groups that function as a peer support group, providing a safe place to discuss stressors and make meaningful connections with other parents who are facing similar difficulties.

Turning Point attempts to meet the specific cultural and/or linguistic needs of the youth and family served. We currently are able to provide services in Spanish.

To receive services in Yolo County:
Contact Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency at the 24 Hour Toll Free Access Line at (888) 965-6647 or the Woodland office at (530) 666-8630, Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm.