Pathways to Success After Homelessness (Pathways) provides supportive housing and mental health services for those with psychiatric disabilities and long-term or cyclical homelessness. Staff uses a harm reduction “whatever it takes” approach to support members reach their desired goals. Families with children are offered culturally-diverse supportive services so they can stay together and be active members of their community.

Pathways is funded by MHSA as a full-service partnership that provides comprehensive, integrated mental health services, including housing, for 360 individuals a year. Pathways serves children and their families, young adults aged 18 to 25, adults 26 to 59 and older adults, aged 60 or more.

Program outcome goals are for clients to obtain and maintain housing; reduce hospitalizations; reduce use of emergency departments, reduce incarceration. Children will attend school or quality day care; transition age youth and adults will be employed whenever appropriate at the level of their ability; and older adults will be actively engaged in ways that enhance their independence and decrease isolation. Additional outcomes include ensuring linkage to appropriate benefits and linkage to medical and dental care.

For adult and/or child referrals to our program, call the Sacramento County Mental Health Access Team at (916) 875-1055 or toll-free at (888) 881-4881.

"Thanks to Pathways' support now I have housing, SSI and a positive relationship with my kids."

Andrea Rodrigo, Program Director
  • Between July 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016…
  • 358 individuals served
  • 95.5% of newly enrolled clients maintained community tenure 90 days after enrollment.
  • 90.2% of Individuals Accrued Zero Psychiatric Hospitalizations
  • 92.7% of Individuals Accrued Zero incarcerations
  • 80.4% of Individuals Accrued Zero Homeless Days
  • 83.0% of Individuals Accrued Zero Emergency Interventions
  • 73.5% of individuals did not return to a psychiatric hospital within 30 days of the prior discharge from a psychiatric hospital.

Hours: M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm

Phone: (916) 283-8280

Address: 3810 Rosin Court, Suite 170, Sacramento, CA 95834