Turning Point Coloma Center provides intensive outpatient services in Placer County to adults with significant mental health challenges. This Full Service Partnership works to reduce the need for hospitalization, and/or interactions with the criminal justice system, and to reduce homelessness.

The multidisciplinary team includes marriage and family therapists, social workers, rehabilitation experts, a family advocate, a youth advocate, peer support specialists, a nurse, and a psychiatrist to provide medication support services, and housing and employment assistance. Services focus on the individual/family, use a strength-based approach, intensive forensic interventions within the recovery model philosophy, outreach and engagement services, and include multi-agency collaboration and joint planning.

This program offers services to transition age youth clients (ages 18 to 25), and intensive services for adults (ages 26 to 59), and older adults (age 60+). This program also serves 16- and 17-year old youth when directly referred from Placer County Children’s System of Care.

The goal of Assertive Community Treatment is to help clients reach their greatest potential by providing services in the most cost-effective, least restrictive and most normalized environment possible. Resources and referrals are provided for substance abuse issues, and help includes medication services, housing assistance with supports, and employment assistance.

For referrals to our program call the Placer County Mental Health Access Team at (916) 787-8860 or toll-free at (888) 886-5401.

Jennifer Wellenstein, Program Director
  • 170 individuals served
  • 70.3% of Individuals Accrued Zero psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • 87.3% of Individuals Accrued Zero incarceration Days.
  • 81.2% of Individuals Accrued Zero Homeless Days.
  • 65.5% of Individuals Accrued Zero Emergency Interventions.
  • Overall consumer satisfaction rate of 87.6%.


Phone: (916) 786-3750

Address: 11930 Heritage Oak Place, Suite 2, Auburn, CA 95603


Phone: (916) 786-3750

Address: 1830 Sierra Gardens Drive, Suite 10, Roseville, CA 95661