THERAPEUTIC BEHAVIOR SERVICES (TBS) provides intensive in-home based services to youths aged 0-21 and their families to address situations which place the child at risk for psychiatric hospitalization or loss of housing placement. TBS services include behavioral analyses, plan development, and direct interventions with the child and caregivers around the behaviors that place the youth at risk. The goal of the program is to support youths and their families in living together safely and happily.

COMMUNITY BASED SERVICES (CBS) provides community-based psychosocial rehabilitation for youths aged 0-21 with the primary focus of improving functioning in all life domains. The intensity and frequency of services are guided by the Child Family Team and are flexible in order to meet the evolving needs of the family.

BRIDGES is an intensive Full-Service Partnership for youths aged 0-16 and their caregivers which provides wraparound support to help the child meet their mental health goals and improve quality of life for the child and their family.


Yolo County Children’s Services

Phone: (916) 912-0362
Fax: (916) 504-4362
Address: 3120 Freeboard Drive, Suite 102,
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Program Services

  • Outpatient intensive services.
  • Therapeutic behavioral services.
  • Family advocate support.
  • Psychiatric services.

How to get involved

To receive services in Yolo County:
Contact Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency at the 24-hour toll-free access line at (888) 965-6647 or the Woodland office at (530) 666-8630, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

Funding information

Programs are funded by the Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency.

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