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These programs are funded by the Stanislaus County Department of Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, and through the voter approved Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

Integrated Services Agency (ISA-M)

The Integrated Services Agency (ISA-M) in Stanislaus County is a Full Partnership Program and works closely with individuals with severe mental illness in locked settings to reintegrate back into the community, or to help individuals that live in the community stabilize and maintain placement in…

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Garden Gate Respite (GGR)

Garden Gate Respite (GGR) provides short-term crisis housing for individuals, known or suspected to be experiencing symptoms of mental illness and who are at risk for homelessness, incarceration, victimization or psychiatric hospitalization. The center consists of two houses (11 bed total capacity) in a residential area.…

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Warm Line

The On-Site Peer Support and Warm Line (Warm Line) Program is a telephone support program which provides non-crisis peer-support for individuals and family individuals who may be struggling with challenges associated with a psychiatric disability that could benefit from support and help from a caring…

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Empowerment Center

The Empowerment Center in Modesto provides: a diverse cultural environment; peer support and encouragement from peers in recovery; reduced isolation; increased independence; links to services related to the treatment of serious mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse problems; housing and volunteer and employment opportunities; pay…

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Garden of Eat’n

Garden of Eat’n provides initial kitchen training while addressing barriers, fears and expectations about employment. The training program also provides individuals with the necessary life skills to make them successful as employees. The program was created with Stanislaus County Employment services and the Department of…

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Community Activities and Rehabilitation Transportation (CART)

Frequently Asked Questions about CART   What is Community Activities and Rehabilitation Transportation? Community Activities and Rehabilitation Transportation (CART) is a transit service providing consumers and their family members with greater access to community events and activities, within Stanislaus County, such as committee meetings, peer-support…

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