Our Promise

“It is my steadfast belief that the ability to assist in your wellness & recovery is an honor and a privilege. I aspire to support you in the realization of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I define this dedication as being consistent with my own personal mission statement—that is, to acknowledge my fortuity in the giving of my undivided attention to those in need.” – CEO, Al Rowlett

Our Mission

Turning Point Community Programs is committed to empowering people of all ages and identities to live their best life through the delivery of quality behavioral health and social services.

Our Vision

Turning Point Community Programs strives to set the standard for individualized care that provides hope for recovery.


Our Values


All healing takes place in the context of relationships. A healing relationship is respectful, trauma-informed, values the expressed wishes and goals of the individual being served, and moves at a pace necessary to maintain engagement. We believe it is a privilege to serve those in need and this concept informs all our interactions.


Everyone has strengths, talents, and other resilience factors that have helped them to overcome obstacles. Serving others through their strengths rather than focusing on deficits engender the most successful outcomes. We actively seek out the strengths and resilience factors of the individuals we are privileged to serve and build on those throughout treatment.


Recovery is possible for everyone we serve. We hold that hope of recovery for those in need when it may be difficult for them to grasp. We recognize that resuming life roles that have been lost (family relationships, employment, etc.) are necessary aspects of the recovery process rather than an endpoint in treatment.