Established by founder Sheila Boltz as a non-profit residential program called Midtown Manor serving individuals with psychiatric disabilities. TPCP pioneers hiring those in recovery from mental illness to mentor others.

Approximate Served by Agency: 40
Total Agency Staff: 2.5
Approximate Agency Budget: $400,000


Former CEO John Buck begins working with the agency as an intern.


John Buck incorporated the social rehab model and agency continued to serving individuals in a high-intensity transitional residential treatment program.

Approximate Served by Agency: 40
Total Agency Staff: 23
Approximate Agency Budget: $500,000


Al Rowlett, now Chief Executive Officer, is hired.


John proposes new business plan created to pursue new contracts and funding sources including Alta California Regional Center. (Two six-bed homes.)

Approximate Served by Agency: 52
Total Agency Staff: 40
Agency Budget: $600,000


Midtown Manor becomes Turning Point Residential Treatment Program with two Augmented Care and Treatment (ACT) homes. John Buck becomes Executive Director.

Approximate Served by Agency: 112
Total Agency Staff: 42
Agency Budget: $700,000


TP runs three homes for dually-diagnosed plus four ACT homes. Susan Miner hired; future Director of Program Services for Regional Center programs.

Approximate Served by Agency: 130
Total Agency Staff: 48
Agency Budget: $1,000,000



Economic Downturn

Crisis Residential Program is created to serve as cost-effective alternative to crisis hospitalizations.

Approximate Served by Agency: 142
Total Agency Staff: 48
Agency Budget: $1,560,905


ISA is created and takes people out of long-term institutionalization.

Approximate Served by Agency: 242
Total Agency Staff: 68
Agency Budget: $3,479,376


Transitional Support Services (Alta Regional) grows. CRP is awarded a national NIMH grant. ISA wins a CSAC Challenge Award for reducing costly hospitalizations in Sacramento County. Agency is renamed Turning Point Community Programs (TPCP).

Approximate Served by Agency: 262
Total Agency Staff: 90
Agency Budget: $4,010,087


Open Crisis Residential Program in Modesto. Turning Point’s 20+ year Founder’s Club is established. Diana White hired and is currently Turning Point’s Chief Operation Officer. Toi Gray is hired and later promoted to Health Information/Privacy Officer.


Turning Point continues to grow with the addition of the Northgate Point Regional Support Team (RST).

Approximate Served by Agency: 1,012
Total Agency Staff: 120
Agency Budget: $5,995,551


Children’s programs (FOCUS, now FIT) and Employment services are added. Carol Stanchfield hired; later to be promoted to Director of Program Services for both Placer and Nevada counties.  Marcia Gump hired; later to be promoted to Director of Children Services for Sacramento and Yolo counties.

Approximate Served by Agency: 1,062
Total Agency Staff: 160
Agency Budget: $7,599,452


Stanislaus Integrated Services Agency and AB 34 Homeless Intervention Program (HIP) (which served as a model for Prop. 63/MHSA later) are added. Stuart Marshall hired and later promoted to IT Director. Alexis Bernard hired; future Housing Director.

Approximate Served by Agency: 1,412
Total Agency Staff: 282
Agency Budget: $11,000,000



Turning Point Respite at Garden Gate, Modesto; PLAN, now Proxy Parent, partners with TPCP to provide personal support services to individuals and protect their access to disability benefits.

Approximate Served by Agency: 1,712
Total Agency Staff: 290
Agency Budget: $17,807,281


Children’s Programs add Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) and Outpatient Services (OPS).

Approximate Served by Agency: 1,812
Total Agency Staff: 300
Agency Budget: $18,382,281


ISA Modesto program revision. John Buck and agency work to help Prop. 63/MHSA pass, with employees contributing tens of thousands of dollars to the cause.



Proposition 63/Mental Health Services Act passes! (effective Jan. 1, 2005)



Turning Point’s Homeless Intervention Program purchases Fairview Apts., our first permanent supported housing for homeless mentally ill.


Pathways to Success After Homelessness, Going Once! an online business to employ mental health consumers opens. Yolo Housing Support Services; Merced CARE (Community Assistance Recovery Enterprise); Warm Line, Modesto; Consumer Employment and Empowerment Center, Modesto. Launch new website www.tpcp.org.

Rehabbed Fairview Apts. provide permanent housing for 11 formerly homeless consumers.
Approximate Served by Agency: 3,500
Total Agency Staff: 300
Agency Budget: $18,382,281


Open TP Providence Center, Nevada County, Pine Tree Gardens begins merger with Turning Point. Celebrate 30th Anniversary. New agency video on website and Youtube. Lewis Tatum hired and later promoted to Facilities Manager.

Approximate Served by Agency: 3,618
Total Agency Staff: 360
Agency Budget: $25,317,927



Economic Downturn

Open TP Coloma Center, in Placer County; Cool Beans coffee cart in Yolo County; CART (Community Activities and Rehabilitation Transportation) in Stanislaus County. Funding garnered to develop Recovery Oriented Immersion Training working with The Village. Leslie Springer hired; former intern and Program Director for CRP, later promoted to the Director of Residential Services in Sacramento County.

Approximate Served by Agency: 3,868
Total Agency Staff: 420
Agency Budget: $29,187,343


Work with local contractors to preserve Sacramento RSTs that are threatened. Develop program report cards to track outcomes. Turning Point Providence Center and Nevada County Behavioral Health win a CSAC Challenge Award for their Assisted Outpatient Treatment program, which includes Laura’s Law participants.  Offer Immersion Training to 133 mental health providers from 20 California counties.

Approximate Served by Agency: 4,000
Total Agency Staff: 380
Agency Budget: $28,302,977


El Dorado County — Turning Point begins a six month contract for assessment, prevention and early intervention and referrals to services in this county. Free to Choose and Turning Point Yolo ACT begin in Yolo County. HUD funding for $250,000 is awarded to Merced program. HUD housing grants in Stanislaus County total $1.2 million. The hiring of a full-time researcher enables more extensive reporting of client outcomes for each program. Website is revamped. Jennifer Walker hired; later promoted to Research Director.



Turning Point begins to plan for leadership transition. Abiding Hope opens in Sacramento County offering respite care. Garden Gate Respite Center expands to 10 beds. Pathways’ clients are placed in new supportive housing. Butte County Transitional Support Services joins the Turning Point family. ACT services are provided in Yolo County through the Yolo ACT program. Sadie Shen becomes Director of Yolo County Program Services.

Approximate Served by Agency: 4,460
Total Agency Staff: 450
Agency Budget: $24,534,173



Al Rowlett is named CEO, as John Buck transitions to Vice President of Operations and Personnel. Diana White is named COO. Turning Point serves as a successful role model with Laura’s Law in Nevada County, leading the way as more California counties begin offering Assisted Outpatient Treatment. Turning Point partners with UC Davis Medical to provide CRP services at Bender Court in Sacramento County. Children’s services are expanded into Yolo County with the addition of the Community-Based Services (CBS)/ Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) and PORTAL programs.

Approximate Served by Agency: 4,550
Total Agency Staff: 475
Agency Budget: $27,851,855


Significant increase in number of programs and service types, including Roy’s House and the Insight Respite Center in Nevada County as well as peer support services through the Peer Navigators program in Stanislaus County. Major emphasis on expanding collaborations with Regional Centers resulting in the start of TSS programs in both Butte and Solano Counties. Turning Point is awarded a Dignity Health grant for the Navigation to Wellness program and also begins the operation of the Community Intervention Program in Yolo County. A Housing Coordinator is added in Merced County. TSS-Solano is added to the growing list of Turning Point programs.

Approximate Served by Agency: 5,200
Total Agency Staff: 550
Agency Budget: $33,088,927



Bruce Jefferson, Former CFO, and Joy Van Curen, Former HR Director, retire and are succeeded by Karen Dolce, CFO, and Jami McCray, HR Director. Addition of another Crisis Residential Program in Rio Linda (Sacramento County). Yolo children programs expand with the addition of the Yolo Bridges Children’s Full Service Partnership.

Approximate Served by Agency: 6,000
Total Agency Staff: 672
Agency Budget: $38,000,000



TPCP was awarded funding for Co-Occurring and Rapid Turnaround Crisis Residential Programs in Sacramento County, as well as an Urgent Care Clinic. Our TSS Solano program significantly expanded its capacity of clientele. Nicola Simmersbach was hired as the Director of RST, Pathways, and ISA. Turning Point awarded best t-shirt, most walkers, and agency who raised most funds in the 2016 NAMI Walk.

Approximate Served by Agency: 6,200
Total Agency Staff: 701
Agency Budget: $40,000,000

2017 & Beyond

TPCP will be commencing the operation of the Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic and the Rapid Turnaround CRP; both located in Sacramento County. Plans are underway for Turning Point’s 40th Anniversary celebration.