Stanislaus County

Integrated Services Agency (ISA-M)

Works closely with individuals on conservatorship and persons with high hospitalization rates to help them successfully reintegrate back into the community. More…

Garden Gate Respite Center (Garden Gate)

Provides a safe home-like environment for homeless mentally ill. More…

On-Site Peer Support Warm Line & Peer Navigators

A mental health consumer-run program providing non-crisis intervention, offering peer support, referrals, and shared experiences of hope and recovery. More…

Community Activities and Rehabilitation Transportation (CART)

A transit service providing consumers and their family members with greater access to community events and activities such as committee meetings, peer-support groups, and or employment/training. More…

Empowerment Center

Provides peer support and encouragement from peers in recovery, links to services related to treatment of serious mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse problems, housing and volunteer and employment opportunities and more. More…

Garden of Eat'n

Dynamic on-site kitchen food service education and training program is a great place to learn food preparation, sanitation, cashiering and catering. More…

Stanislaus County

Sponsored by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors

Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
A Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Service

For more information on Stanislaus County's mental health services,
visit the Stanislaus County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services website.