Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) Children's and Youth Program

- Jana Cooper, Program Director

Sacramento County

By the time families get to our service, they have already done so much and are very frustrated. What we try to do is create a plan for the family that they can implement successfully and allows them to see quick improvement and create lasting change. 

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) is an intensive, one-to-one, short-term outpatient mental health treatment designed for youth with Medi-Cal (up to age 21) with serious emotional problems, who are engaging in specific behaviors that endanger their safety, or place them at risk for moving to a higher level of care in a group home or locked facility.

TBS services include: functional behavioral analyses, plan development, and direct interventions with the child and parents/caregivers around the specific targeted behaviors that are placing the youth at risk. The developed plans and interventions may be implemented in the home, school, or other environment where the behaviors occur. The behavioral plans are individualized to meet the unique needs of the child and his/her environment.

Turning Point's TBS services attempt to meet the specific cultural and/or linguistic needs of the youth and family being served. Currently TBS services are available in Spanish.

TBS clients must already be linked to a Sacramento County mental health provider. Clients must be eligible for Medi-Cal.

Phone: (916) 427-7141

Address: 7275 E. Southgate Drive
Sacramento, CA 95823

In 2013-14...

  • 72 children and youth were served, significantly reducing their risk of out-of-home placement or psychiatric hospitalization.
I am glad we finally found someone who can help her.
— Parent