I had been living on the street for five years when the folks at Loaves and Fishes told me about Pathways with Turning Point. I had been beaten robbed, living in the bushes, sleeping on the sidewalk and had been in the hospital for 30 days.

For Doris*, now 60, life wasn't always like this. She had worked for years at a hospital as a medical aide, taking care of people, walking the floor at night to answer their calls for assistance. Then she worked as an in-home care provider, but in 1990 her world came crashing down after she suffered a car accident.

Although she had seen a doctor before for manic depressive and bipolar symptoms and mood swings, the accident pushed her over the edge.

I had been living with an abusive fellow and I left him and for awhile I would stay at the Salvation Army, but you can only stay so long there.

Once Doris was connected to Turning Point, she met with personal services coordinator Uma Chand who treated her more like a normal person. I love her to pieces. With Turning Point, it's like having a second family. Without them, I know I'd still be on the street.

I have a beautiful place with Mercy Housing at Ardenaire Apts. It's my second year here. I take the bus and my cart to go shopping and be as independent as I can, while I can. I can feel my mind and body fading.

I'm doing good, with my own house, furniture, I attend events, stay busy. I try to get out and walk at least once a day. I treat my home like a treasure.

With family far away in Arizona and San Luis Obispo, Doris feels like she can count on Turning Point. I still have high days and low days. But with my counselor—she's a wonderful help. I've never met finer people than the ones at Pathways.

* Name changed to protect client's privacy.


Pamela* said, "First thing they do is house you, shop for clothes. They take care of you so you can take care of yourself. What has helped me most was other people, and it's a matter of hanging in there and waiting. I've had some bad days, but my PSC (Personal Services Coordinator) was the best. I brag about her all the time."

* Name changed to protect client's privacy.