Transitional Support Services (TSS) helps clients with co-occurring psychiatric and developmental disabilities achieve their goals through best practices like motivational interviewing and harm reduction.

TSS offers various skills-building groups, one-to-one therapy, psychiatric support, and intensive case management. One-to-one meetings as well as groups help clients to increase coping skills in various areas of difficulty such as anger, anxiety, assaultive behaviors, communication, concentration, depression, impulse control, self esteem, sleep, relationships, substance abuse, suicidal or self-harming behaviors. Help is given to maintain activities of daily living (striving for increased independence in grocery shopping, consuming medications, attending appointments, locating and maintaining stable housing, cleaning, hygiene, etc.)

TSS building in South Sacramento
TSS building in South Sacramento

TSS’ Independent Living Program works with adults with developmental disabilities to attain the skills necessary to live independently. Our skilled staff provides compassionate support that inspires hope for a more independent and fulfilling life.

Training is provided in the following areas: cooking, cleaning, shopping, menu planning, meal preparation, money management, public transportation, recreation, community participation, personal health and hygiene, self-advocacy, use of medical dental services, community resource awareness, home and community safety.

TSS also strives to connect people with natural supports in the community.

TSS North and South are funded by Alta California Regional Center.

For referrals, please call Alta California Regional Center at (916) 978-6400.

"Clients’ openness and willingness to accept TSS support is refreshing and demonstrates a desire we all share – to live happy and fulfilling lives."

Susan Miner, Director of Program Services Regional Center
headshot of Bonnie Douglas Bonnie Douglas
  • 403 individuals served
  • # Psych Only Services: 220
  • # Drop-In Center Only: 2
  • # who Received WRAP services: 181
  • 88.4% of Individuals Accrued Zero Psychiatric Hospitalizations
  • 95.6% of Individuals Accrued Zero incarcerations
  • 93.9% of Individuals Accrued Zero Homeless Days
  • 68.0% of Individuals Accrued Zero Emergency Interventions
  • Overall consumer satisfaction rate of 82.8%.

TSS North
Phone: (916) 481-2328
Address: 2260 Park Town Circle, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95825

TSS South
Phone: (916) 395-9100
Address: 7237 E. Southgate Dr., Suite E, Sacramento, CA 95823