The Integrated Services Agency (ISA-M) in Stanislaus County is a Full Partnership Program and works closely with individuals with severe mental illness in locked settings to reintegrate back into the community, or to help individuals that live in the community stabilize and maintain placement in the least restrictive setting. The overall goal is to help individuals on a path of recovery and decrease their risk of needing hospitalization or being at risk for homelessness or law enforcement interaction..

Intensive case management is provided to 150 adults with serious psychiatric disabilities. Our primary focus is on the relationship established with those we serve to better assist them on their path of wellness and recovery.

For referrals, please call Recovery Services in Modesto at (209) 558-4598 or Turlock at (209) 644-8044.

Mental health crisis, treatment, recovery and peer support service
can be accessed at (888) 376-6246 and online at

"It's really a life-changing service that you offer. It changed my life anyway!"

Trina King, Program Director
  • 162 individuals served.
  • 29.4% of discharges were to a lower level of care.
  • 58.0% of individuals accrued zero locked residential care facility days.
  • 77.8% of individuals accrued zero psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • 97.5% of individuals accrued zero incarcerations.
  • 95.7% of individuals accrued zero homeless days.
  • 87.7% of individuals accrued zero emergency interventions.
  • 38.4% of those residing in an Institution for Mental Diseases were transferred to a lower level of care.
  • Overall consumer satisfaction rate of 77.8%.

Phone: (209) 569-0373

Address: 1001 Needham Street
Modesto, CA 95354