HOMELESS COURT PROGRAM (HCP) was created to address the unique needs of the homeless population in Stanislaus County. This service will focus on resolving outstanding minor criminal court cases and/or infractions, warrants, fines, and fees. HCP staff will assist the homeless in accessing self-help services and court resources to adjudicate their outstanding legal issues that hinder their ability to reestablish themselves into society.

For program eligibility, you must be able to provide the following:
1. Proof of homelessness
2. All un-adjudicated infractions
3. All un-adjudicated misdemeanors
4. All adjudicated infractions and misdemeanors that have unresolved fines/fees or completion of court-ordered program dues

This program is funded via the Judicial Council of Stanislaus County and is provided in partnership with Focus on Prevention

  • Engaging with homeless individuals through the Outreach & Engagement Center
  • Providing legal case management through research of court cases
  • Advocating through the DA, City Attorney, and Judicial Officer for case resolution requirements
  • Assisting with accessing and navigating through the court system
  • Providing education, preparation, and 1:1 support for court proceedings
  • Providing linkages for individuals to other programs and services

Phone: (209) 272-8800

Fax: (916) 504-4367

Address: 825 12th Street, Modesto, CA 95354