Flexible Integrated Treatment (FIT) works with youth up to the age of 21 on Medi-Cal who are experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties. Therapists and treatment team members work with youth and their families in a family-focused, strength-based approach.

Clinical support offered through FIT will adapt to the needs of the youth. The program provides individual, family, and group therapy, skills training, advocacy, case management, and psychiatric support.

The FIT model allows the same primary therapist to stay involved with the family’s services throughout the entire course of treatment.

Treatment decisions are made in partnership with the youth and family through a Child and Family Team meeting process. Families are encouraged to include other natural and professional support persons in their treatment planning. Interventions and additional services are responsive to the unique needs of the youth and family.

For referrals to our program, call the Sacramento County Mental Health Access Team at (916) 875-1055 or toll-free (888) 881-4881.

"We often meet families when they are feeling especially vulnerable, yet they allow us into their homes and lives with the hope that we can help. It is our duty to honor the trust they place in us by providing a service that is worthy of that trust."

Diana White, Chief Operations Officer
Colby Arguelles, Program Director Colby Arguelles, Program Director
  • Evidence-based practices include:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Informed)
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
  • Incredible Years Parenting Groups
  • Latino Multi Family Group (LMFG)
  • Alternative for Families Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • 526 individuals served
  • Overall consumer satisfaction rate of 86.7%
  • Overall caregiver satisfaction rate of 89.4%
  • 79.5% of consumers were linked to a Primary Care Physician and/or specialty health care provider within 60 days of admission into FIT.
  • 68.8% of consumers improved in their school functioning.
  • 53.8% of consumers had no evident signs of delinquency.
  • 45.0% of caregivers increased their ability to manage their child’s needs.

Phone: (916) 427-7141

Address: 7245 E. Southgate Dr., Sacramento, CA 95823