The Empowerment Center in Modesto provides:

  • a diverse cultural environment;
  • peer support and encouragement from peers in recovery;
  • reduced isolation;
  • increased independence;
  • links to services related to the treatment of serious mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse problems;
  • housing and volunteer and employment opportunities;
  • pay and benefit options.

"Knowing that the work I do plays a part in assisting an individual in achieving their goals, fills me with a sense of gratitude."

Adam Ward, Former Assistant Program Director
Christina Kenney, Program Director Christina Kenney, Program Director
  • 909 individuals served
  • 3,428 participants among the 34 groups offered
  • 95.9% of individuals felt they received the services they were seeking.
  • Overall consumer satisfaction rate of 87.3%
  • Involved in 43 community committees/events

Phone: (209) 544-1913

Address:  1001 Needham St.,
Modesto, CA 95350