Frequently Asked Questions about CART

What is Community Activities and Rehabilitation Transportation?

Community Activities and Rehabilitation Transportation (CART) is a transit service in Stanislaus County that provides consumers and their family members with greater access to community events and activities such as committee meetings, peer-support groups, and/or employment and training.

Can I use this service instead of using public transportation?

CART is NOT a replacement for public transportation. It is meant to supplement rather than replace it.

Can I use this service to get to work?

For those using the service for employment, CART is a starting point for individuals who are looking to become mobile. However, it is not a permanent solution to mobility. It is designed to help individuals who are willing to set up a plan to eventually become independent (i.e. bicycle, public transportation, own car).

How do I make a request for a ride?

  • Call the information and reservation number (209) 238-9436 and provide the following information:
  • Your requested destination
  • The proposed date & time of transport
  • Where you need to be picked up
  • Your name and a call back number
  • We will call you back to confirm your reservation. Until you receive the call back, you do NOT have a scheduled ride.

Will I need an appointment every time I want a ride?

Yes, RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED in order to assure that scheduling runs smoothly. Please make your reservations at least 24 hours in advance.

Do I have to meet somewhere to be picked up?

If you live in Modesto or Ceres, we will come to your residence. In outlying areas there may be specific pick up and drop off points. Please call for more information.

What are the hours of operation?

CART runs 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays), by appointment only.

What will it cost?

There is no fee for this service.

Can I take my child with me?

Only those over the age of 18 years may ride on CART.

Who can use this transportation?

Any consumer or family member, 18 or over, can ride as long as seats are available and you have a reservation.

How far in advance will I have to make a reservation?

Reservations should be requested at least 24 hours in advance.

Does CART run on weekends?

NO, CART only runs Monday- Friday.

What areas does CART service?

CART will travel throughout Modesto and Ceres, as well as the surrounding areas of Oakdale, Riverbank, Turlock, and Patterson.

To make your reservation, call (209)238-9436.
Seats are limited, so make your reservation early. All reservations are made on a “first call, first serve” basis.
We look forward to serving your transportation needs!

Stanislaus County

Sponsored by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors

Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
A Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Service

Noel Rivas, Program Director Noel Rivas, Program Director
  • 1092 total rides provided.
  • 78 total managed care rides provided.
  • 172 total Stanislaus Regional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) rides were provided.
  • Rides provided to and from 18 different cities in and around Stanislaus County.