Yolo County

Community Intervention Program is a promising crisis reduction program of collaboration between mental health and law enforcement designed to, not only support member safety, but also improve the level of response given the mental health social dynamic.
— Salaam Shabazz, LCSW

Salaam Shabazz, LCSW, Program Director
Salaam Shabazz, LCSW, Program Director

The primary focus of the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP), a comprehensive collaboration with local law enforcement and first responders, is to respond to individuals in the community who are experiencing a mental health crisis. The overarching goal of this Mobile Triage concept is to offer a more effective resolution and linkage to mental health systems within the county.

Clinicians are paired with specified law enforcement agencies throughout Yolo County. They are tasked to integrate an innovative method of member-centered strategies, recovery-based philosophies, and a wrap-around approach applied to each encounter. An essential component of the program involves the multi-system inclusion of mental health services.

The clinicians provide immediate and/or follow-up response to individuals identified by law enforcement as in need of mental health support. Psychiatric assessments are used to determine the individual’s level of safety in the community as well as other unmet needs that have contributed to the current crisis. Evaluations consist of individualized clinical assessments, evidence-based therapeutic harm reduction counseling, motivational interviewing strategies, co-occurring disorder assessments, and individualized safety planning, as necessary.

CIP’s concentrated efforts are aimed at reducing psychiatric hospitalizations, decreasing  inappropriate incarcerations and county homelessness within Yolo County. The program endorses a supportive community-integration skill development model; collaboration with the applicable treatment services; and appropriate referral/linkage to necessary community services.

For referrals to our program call Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency at (530) 666-8630