Our Promise

“It is my steadfast belief that the ability to assist in your wellness & recovery is an honor and a privilege. I aspire to support you in the realization of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I define this dedication as being consistent with my own personal mission statement—that is, to acknowledge my fortuity in the giving of my undivided attention to those in need.” – CEO, Al Rowlett

Our Mission

Turning Point Community Programs provides integrated, cost-effective mental health services, employment and housing for adults, children and their families that promote recovery, independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

Turning Point Community Programs is committed to innovative and high quality services that assist adults and children with psychiatric, emotional and/or developmental disabilities in achieving their goals.

Core Values

  • Built on cultural strengths and responsive to individual and community needs regarding culture; language, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation and spirituality
  • Inclusive, promotes resiliency and are recovery-oriented
  • Innovative, research-based and constituent-driven focusing on quality of life
  • Prompt, courteous and client-directed support
  • Welcoming of diversity and appreciative of the strength that comes from the many cultures, backgrounds, family types, and sexual orientations
  • Cost effective and provided in normalized environments
  • Strength-based, respectful and empowering to the person being served.