Warm Line & Peer Navigators

Noel Rivas, Program Director

Stanislaus County

Turning Point has changed my life in so many ways, now it's time to give back to others who need hope, encouragement, and care
— Noel Rivas

Warm Line is a telephone assistance program which provides non-crisis peer-support for individuals and family individuals who may be struggling with problems associated with a psychiatric disability that could benefit from support and help from a caring listener. 

Stanislaus County residents can call the Warm Line at (209) 558-4600 24/7 when they are:

  • having a hard time making it through the day - but are not in a crisis
  • needing a caring listener to provide effective feedback to help explore options
  • wants some support, assistance and resources toward recovery 

The Warm Line staff is comprised of mental health consumers and family individuals and is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Warm Line offers support to help others in their efforts to resolve their own problems, provide community referrals, and provides assistance with issues that have come up during the day.

The Peer Navigators program provides comprehensive services to assist individuals with serious mental illness and their families to gain access to primary preventative and specialty health care services.

Services are funded by Stanislaus County Behavioral Health. 


Phone: (209) 558-4600
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Address: 800 Scenic Dr.,
Modesto, CA 95350 

In 2011-12 Warm Line…

  • answered a total of 20,421 calls including:
  • 7,839 calls from 1,084 clients. Offering this phone service helps reduce isolation and hospitalizations.
  • 12,582 calls from emergency rooms, law enforcement agencies, psychiatric hospitals, mental health service providers and community partners.
The satisfaction I receive from The Warm Line and helping others whether it is providing resources, referrals, or peer-support, has giving me the wonderful opportunity to give back and a great sense of accomplishment.
— R.B.