Warm Line (209) 558-4600

Noel Silva

"Noel Rivas, BA, Program Director for Warm Line & CART"

Stanislaus County

Turning Point has changed my life in so many ways, now it's time to give back to others who need hope, encouragement, and care
— Noel Silva, Program Director

Stanislaus County residents can call the Warm Line at (209) 558-4600 when they are:

  • having a hard time making it through the day - but are not in a crisis
  • needing a caring listener to provide effective feedback to help explore options
  • wants some support, assistance and resources toward recovery

This is a mental health consumer-run program providing non-crisis intervention, offering peer support, referrals, and shared experiences of hope and recovery.

On-Site Peer Support and Warm Line services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (209) 558-4600 and are funded by Stanislaus County Behavioral Health.

Warm Line
(209) 558-4600
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In 2011-12 Warm Line…

  • answered a total of 20,421 calls including:
  • 7,839 calls from 1,084 clients. Offering this phone service helps reduce isolation and hospitalizations.
  • 12,582 calls from emergency rooms, law enforcement agencies, psychiatric hospitals, mental health service providers and community partners.
The satisfaction I receive from The Warm Line and helping others whether it is providing resources, referrals, or peer-support, has giving me the wonderful opportunity to give back and a great sense of accomplishment.
— R.B.