Client Success Stories


Before Katrina moved into Ardenaire Apartments, she spent a decade living in a two-door car, a van, and rooms funded by the state. Read more of Katrina's story »


Pathways client and Ardenaire resident, Sonya Sanders, struggles to control extreme paranoia. She is diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and wrestles with an addiction to crystal methamphetamine. Read more of Sonya's story »


When Doris came to Turning Point's Pathways program, she'd been beaten, robbed, and was living in the bushes. Read more of Doris' story »


I am not drinking now or using drugs. I do not get arrested anymore. My hygiene is better now. I can manage my symptoms better than before because of the support… Read more of Jack's story »


I grew up with Bipolar Disorder — it made me laugh my butt off one minute, then the next minute I could be beating you up.… Read more of Joan's story »


I was a mess, nothing was coming together, I wanted to kill myself, I couldn't work, I was homeless for about five or six years. It seemed like people were dying around me, and then Turning Point came and picked me up… Read more of Joel's story »


Before Julie became a member of Turning Point Providence Center's new Nevada County program, this 62-year-old woman visited the emergency room at the local hospital as many as 15 times in one month. She experienced a lot of anxiety, cut herself and had overdoses… Read more of Julie's story »


In the fall of 2007, Pathways enrolled a single mother and her 8-year-old son who had been homeless for four years. They had been living at St. John’s shelter, and the mother had been a victim of domestic violence. Read more of Kyle's story »


First thing they do is house you, shop for clothes. They take care of you so you can take care of yourself… Read more of Pamela's story »


The staff and the Center provide a safe and comfortable environment for members and have been a constant source of comfort to many in need. Today, due in no small part to the Centers' assistance, I have found what I needed to improve my life. Read more of Randy's story »


Life was chaos and hectic and I was in and out of the hospital a lot. I did not really feel like I belonged anywhere… Read more of Sally's story »


Simon has experienced depression and non-specified psychotic disorders since he was 11 years old. By age 31 he had been self medicating with cannabis (marijuana) off and on for almost twenty years… Read more of Simon's story »

* Name changed to protect client's privacy.