Crisis Intervention Program (CIP)

Salaam Shabazz, LCSW, Program Director

Yolo County

Our focus is on delivering the best services to our clients and continuing the progress we've made this past year.
— Sadie Shen, MFT, Yolo County Director of Adult Mental Health Services

The Turning Point Yolo team works with clients to reduce psychiatric hospitalizations, incarcerations and homelessness and to improve quality of life and satisfaction by providing opportunities to engage in meaningful activities. By offering a chance to take classes, volunteer or train for employment or return to work, TP Yolo ensures clients have better prospects for recovery on the path to mental health.

Turning Point Yolo's Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is MHSA-funded and offers 50 individuals with psychiatric disabilities a full service partnership program that will address mental health, housing and community reintegration. The ACT model is an evidence-based practice that consistently shows positive outcomes for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Clients will have access to any team member; small caseloads for more individualized attention; nursing services and a psychiatrist assigned; housing and employment services; and 24-hour availability. This flexible, client-driven comprehensive treatment has been shown to reduce risk and improve mental health outcomes.

Turning Point Yolo's Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), also known as “Laura’s Law,” provides Court-ordered voluntary mental health services to adults diagnosed with a severe mental illness and a history of psychiatric hospitalization and/or incarceration due to psychiatric symptoms. Individuals served are unlikely to survive safely in the community. Most individuals referred through AOT engage in treatment, avoiding the need for a court order.

For referrals to our program call Yolo County Dept. of Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health at (530) 666-8630.

Phone: (530) 758-4078

Address: 500 Jefferson Blvd., Bldg. B
West Sacramento, CA 95605