Bender Court Crisis Residential

Sacramento County

Iffat Hussain, Interim Program Director

Being at Bender Court was a wonderful experience! The staff and administrators are amazing, caring people. The program is extremely valuable. The structure is a real benefit that I will continue once I'm back at home. The groups and sharing is important for getting a perspective on my problems and give support and caring to each member. Literally amazing things are happening here. It's a place 'where miracles happen.'
—-Bender Court Client

Bender Court Crisis Residential offers a safe short-term, supportive environment for individuals experiencing mental health challenges with the goal of symptom stabilization.

Bender Court’s mission is to promote client-centered mental health and to prepare for community re-integration and planned graduation.

Services are provided in a supportive environment that models and encourages hope, empowerment, personal accountability, and the development of meaningful life roles. Bender Court offers housing assistance, linking to a primary care provider, attaining benefits, and connecting to community resources including public transportation and encouraging participation in group activities. In addition, members attend meetings and participate in therapy to practice learned coping skills in hopes of harm reduction and prevent ER visits. Bender Court only receives referrals from a select emergency department. Individuals and families cannot self-refer.

The program has a capacity of 6 beds to offer short-term services to adults within Sacramento County. The average length of stay is between 3-14 days, with a maximum of 30 days. 

Bender Court house

Phone: (916) 394-5379

Address: 6825 Bender Court, Sacramento, CA 95820
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In 2013-14, Bender Court served 69 individuals.

  • Overall satisfaction rate was 83.8%