Turning Point CEO

Turning Point CEO, Al Rowlett

Al Rowlett, Chief Executive Officer

Former Turning Point Community Programs Chief Operations Officer Al Rowlett has been named as the new Chief Executive Officer, while John Buck transitions to the role V.P. of Operations and Personnel for fiscal year 2014-15. Al is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, holds a Masters in Business Administration, and is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner.

For more than 30 years, Al Rowlett, 55, who began as a rehabilitation counselor at Turning Point, has been at John's side also providing leadership and balance as the agency's size and reputation grows. Turning Point Board President Dawn Hayes, M.D., said, “Al embodies the values, mission and philosophy of Turning Point. In addition to frequent on-site visits to our far-flung programs, over the past decade Al has supervised more than 60 college interns to support a new generation of mental health care professionals.” He gives freely of his time as an executive board member for the Child Abuse Prevention Center and is the current board chair of California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions, and is a board member of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. He served as an adjunct professor for the CSUS MSW programs for the Mental Health Services Act cohort, and is currently a volunteer clinical professor at the UC Davis Dept. of Psychiatry. Al worked with Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna on reducing infant and childhood morbidity for African Americans and serves as a commissioner of the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. Al was an elected trustee for the Elk Grove Unified School District.

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