Housing Support Services (HSS)

Koy Saechao, Program Director

Yolo County

Housing Support Services (HSS) provides services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The program offers adults with a history of mental illness and homelessness, or a chronic risk of homelessness, a variety of support to maintain successful housing and ongoing stability in the community. These include: supportive housing, daily living skills training, community integration skill development, volunteer work opportunities, collaboration with the Yolo Mental Health Wellness Team, and referral/linkage to necessary community services.

The HSS staff members work within a recovery model, emphasizing wellness, resilience, client choice and harm reduction intervention strategies.

Our goal is to assist all clients to benefit from supports by realizing their individual strengths, becoming more confident, competent members of their community, able to cultivate their own unique, meaningful life roles.

Client Success Stories

I grew up with Bipolar Disorder — it made me laugh my butt off one minute, then the next minute I could be beating you up… (read more)

For referrals to our program call Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency at (888) 965-6647.

Phone: (530) 601-5959

Address: 212 I Street, 
Davis, CA 95616

In 2010 HSS…

  • served 68 clients.

July 2009 – June 2010:

HSS provided master lease housing to 27 previously homeless or at-risk for homelessness clients for an average of 189 days in housing.

Of those clients:

  • 21 moved on to independent housing.
  • 2 started serving jail terms
    (in order to clear their records).
  • 2 chose to return to homelessness.
  • 2 relocated into a board and care setting.
I'm so happy to be in safe housing, it means the world to me that I'm finally here.
— Jordan