Integrated Services Agency (ISA)

Carolin Funderburg, Program Director, MS, MFTI

Sacramento County

Turning Point ISA takes a caring approach to promote wellness and recovery; instilling hope and meaning for the members we are privileged to serve.
— Carolin Funderburg, Program Director

Integrated Services Agency (ISA) is a full service partnership providing wraparound services to 225 clients with psychiatric disabilities who are transitioning from long-term hospitalizations.

ISA offers:

  • Support to stabilize housing & reduce hospitalizations and incarcerations
  • Risk assessments
  • 24/7 crisis response
  • Medication management
  • Connections to services
  • Counseling and group therapy
  • SSI and Medi-Cal Advocacy
  • Home visits and help with doctor appointments
  • Referrals to employment services

ISA provides client-directed, culturally competent mental health services to enhance the quality of life. Individuals are empowered to take charge of their own lives by promoting self-care and independence.

Every individual deserves respect and an opportunity to reach their goals and aspirations. All are treated with respect, goals are taken seriously, and through work with staff and support networks, clients are given the opportunity to live as productive members of their community.

Personal Service Coordinators work with clients to provide daily living and skills training, social and recreational activities, community outings and events, housing supports and medication management skills. Management and the medical team also provide oversight if program needs and assist with client care.

For referrals to our program call the Sacramento County Access Team at: (916) 875-1055.

Client Success Stories

Life was chaos and hectic and I was in and out of the hospital a lot. I did not really feel like I belonged anywhere…

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I am not drinking now or using drugs. I do not get arrested anymore. My hygiene is better now. I can manage my symptoms better than before because of the support…

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ISA Sacramento building

Family Support

Phone: (916) 393-1222

Address: 6950 65th Street
Sacramento, CA 95823

Office Hours: M-F.: 8am-5pm,
Sat.: 8am-4pm

In 2013-14, Integrated Services Agency served 174 individuals.

  • Psychiatric hospital days fell by 63.8%
  • Jail days decreased by 91.5%
  • Emergency interventions decreased by50.8%
  • Homeless days fell by 96.6%